Dying Breed


Between 1788 and 1868, Australia served as a penal colony for the British Empire and Tasmania was the most feared. The prisoner Alexander “The Pieman” Pearce escaped and survived in the woods eating human flesh. In the present days, the researcher Nina organizes an expedition to Tasmania to proceed the work of her deceased sister Ruth and find evidences of the extinct Tasmanian tiger in the wilderness. She travels to a remote area with her boyfriend Matt and his troublemaker friend Jack that brings his girlfriend Rebecca and they spend the night in a village of descendants of “The Pieman”. Sooner the quartet discovers that things have to stay hidden to survive.

My Review:

To be honest wasn’t expecting much. Ten minutes in, I was mildly surprised. The acting wasn’t terrible, the characters, if not complex were definitely more than one-dimensional. All in all the gore was well done, and the story was well handled. It worked well together. This is more than your usual B-movie fare. And it all came together in an ending that was surprising as well as gut-wrenching. Kudos for that ending! The only thing I could say that keeps me from giving it more stars is the slow pacing for the first three parts of the film. Just feel like it could have been better.




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