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I’m an author of horror fiction and addicted to all things horror, so I thought why not share my love of these with the world. That’s what brought this blog about. I just want to say that all fiction is subjective; something that made an impact on me might not have done the same for other people and I totally respect that, so I hope that a harsh review will not put you off too much. I try to watch a movie for its own merit as much as possible and the same goes for books, but when I’m biased towards an actor/director/author I will mention the fact. I do encourage discussions about the films or books or TV shows that I’m reviewing or if there is a book, movie or show that you would like to recommend, I’d love to hear about it.

Along with reading traditionally published stuff, I also like to support indie authors and film makers and if your book or movie fits the genre (genre being anything that comes under the umbrella of horror including psychological horror–send badly edited Twilight fanfics at your peril), feel free to send me a review request through the contact form below (make sure you use “REVIEW REQUEST” in the subject line). Just keep in mind that the reviews WILL BE HONEST. And by HONEST I mean I’ll be free to trash or high rate a book/movie according to my tastes, which may or may not agree with yours.

In general, I like transgressive fiction, existential stuff, I’m obviously not turned off by gore or sex. Even some good old genre fiction so long as it doesn’t read like it was edited by someone’s ten year old.

Send me your requests on horrorfreakreviews@gmail.com

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